Smugface on Flickr.Smugface

Smugface on Flickr.


Attack! on Flickr.Attack!

Attack! on Flickr.


What’s this? on Flickr.What’s this?

What’s this? on Flickr.

What’s this?


£1.05 each to 2 for £1 on Flickr.£1.05 each to 2 for £1

£1.05 each to 2 for £1 on Flickr.

£1.05 each to 2 for £1

(via Female Photographer Imagines Her Life with Dozens of Different Partners in ‘Self Portraits with Men’ - Feature Shoot)

"Who do you want to be? Or, more accurately, who could you have been? Czech photographer Dita Pepe takes these musings quite literally, re-imaging her life in a hundred different scenarios in her series Self Portraits with Men. Pepe’s photographs are disarming in their nonchalant subtly, the artist possessing an uncanny ability to become a seamless member of each family."