Tauba Auerbach’s Static series explores the place of aesthetics as it contends with digital and analog media. These abstract works are digital prints of the analog phenomenon known as static: that visual output of “white noise” that we so quickly associate with the early days of television. Auerbach isolates and magnifies various static pictures to an artistic end, highlighting not only an aesthetic but also cultural tension between analog and digital forms.

 Are these really abstractions? We know, after all, that there is an image to be resolved behind the confusion. In any case, Auerbach is able to play on our familiarity with static – perhaps a gesture toward its threatened status in a digital age. 

More Auerbach, including her beautiful Fold series on her website here. While you’re at it, you can learn about the science of static here, and even watch some here.

(All images sourced from Auerbach’s website). 

Erin Saunders